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Welcome to my Fiero World

The Pontiac Fiero is "the unheard-of" car here in Japan.
Fieros, these small, two-seat mid engine rear drive, called as a secretary car were produced about 340 thousands cars in total from 1984 to 1988.

Getrag or Isuzu manual tranny has been provided on it as the standard equipment with LR8(L4) Pushrod (OHV) 2.5L(151cid) or 2.8L(173cid) Chevy L44 V6 Pushrod engine with the multi port injection that were provided for Formula, SE and GT... or you could choose 3 speed auto tranny.
Fieros were sold via the GM agency here in Japan at that time. However only the auto tranny models were available. The size of the GT is 68.9"wide x 46.9"high x 165.2" long x 2,696-2,779lb in weight.
I was heard a hearsay that Honda used Fieros as the experimental car to develop their NSX but I am not sure for its believability.

Fieros have still good popularity in the USA.
Since its plastic body panels are easily removable, and you can make it to a different appialance if you desired.
Many users in the USA are replacing the stock engine with the supercharged 3800 or SBC V8 engine.
This is a scrap of the advatisement on the Detroit News in1986.
The price of an 86 GT with fully loaded model was around $14,500 at that time.
This is the front page of the Detroit News on March 2nd, 1988
It reported that GM to end Fiero production due to an accidental fire from the engine compartment in the past and the slugish sales because of the impact by the certain mid engine sports car.
I purchased an 86 Fiero GT with the sunroof at a dealer in Detroit, MI in 1986 winter while I was staying in Michigan.
I chose the 3 speed auto tranny model for the easy driving though 4 speed manual tranny was available as standard.
This photo was taken the next day when my Fiero was delivered. Above license plate is for my Fiero at that time. When my assignment has finished, I took my fiero back to Japan with me. I shipped my Fiero by air from the Detroit Int'l airport to Narita via SFX since the air freight shipping charge was cheaper than the ocean freight one.