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Welcome to my Fiero World

After year 2003, the indicater of the "Wallet Check Soon" became blinkling. The follwings are my maintenance and mods records.

2003/January - A/C compressor
I took my Fiero to the GM dealer a little distance from my home to replace my bad A/C compressor.
They mentioned that we are sorry we don't have Fiero parts here in Japan any more.....
This is the point where I got started to quest for my Fiero parts by myself.
I have serched with internet and found it at the Fiero Bob in Twinlake, IL. I have purchased a compressor with high/low pressure switches from him. Fiero Bob has closed his business in 2005.

2004/January - Brake system

Replaced the brake system with the new four corner cross drilled roters, rebuilt calipers w/carbomet pads and the rubber brake hoses since my brakes feel something weak long before.
All stuffs were from the Fiero Store.
After replacement, the brake feeling became slightly improved but still feels lack something.....maybe caused by the carbomet pads?

2004/September - O2 sensor

My car runs so bad.
I took my car to the usual GM dealer.
They found that the O2 sensor was shot. Replaced O2 sensor this time.

2004/December - Headers

The usual GM dealer mentioned when I took my Fiero to their shop for the legal bi-anual inspecton that the headers have been cracked. Probably my crappy dogborn was a couse of this. I needed to replace with the new headers or ask someone to weld it. Unfortunatly as I don't have a frend of the blacksmith, I bought a set of the new sprint headers form the Fiero Store.
At the same time, I have replaced both front shocks and a bad dogborn.

2005/April-June - Interior

The peeled skin on the grove box door became shapeless.
I tried various type of the glues aviailable in Japan with no luck.
I have serched with the internet if the used door is available. When I asked an online shop in the USA, I've got an instruction that the Gorilla Glue is good adhesive to stick it on.
Since the Gorilla Glue is not available here in Japan, I ordered it to the online shop in Hawaii. The result with Gorilla Glue was... amazing!

2005/August-Sepember - Body Paint

19 years have passed after I've got my Fiero. Some of the parts on the body paint faded away.
I decided to body paint and asked the car paint shop to do it.
Same time, the clacked stock lexan quater panels were replaced with the tinted aclilic one purchased from the Fiero Store. Also swapped stock coil for the MSD ignition coil.
The drive feeling with the MSD ignition coil is .......no difference than before.

2005/September - Vacuum Leak & Sensors

Replaced the broken stock vacuum line with Rodney's steel vacuum line. My engine fluctuation at idling has gone.
The other day, when I turned the A/C switch on... the rad fan didn't come on.
The cause was that the rad fan relay was shot.
I thought that this is a good opportunity to replace the sensors and emission stuffs since I never replaced sensors other than O2 sensor after I perchased my Fiero.
The follwoing parts have been replaced at the same time;
- IAC, MAT, TPS, CTS, EGR valve, EGR tube and PCVs.
- Rodney's 180 deg thermostat and fan switch .
I tried to get a water pump as a spare part for the future trouble. I have ordered it to the Fiero Store. The sent pump was of a plastic impeller. As I needed with a metal impeller, I serched and then found that the GMB's water pump has a metal impeller. I bought it form the Auto Parts Warehouse.

2006/December - Strut

No noticeble failer was found through this past year.
I replaced the original struts with KYB GR-2.

2007/February - Brake System Again

The current brake system that was replaced in 2004 is still feel week.
I decided to upgrade my front brakes to the Grand Am(GA) brake system.
I purchased the upgrade kit from the Fiero Store.
For installation, I asked the VANTAGE, an autoshop in Yokohama.
If you want to have a very similler feeling as stock pedal, 92-93 S10 Pick-Up MC is recommendable. I read an article somewhere that Randy T. Agree who provided Fiero Brake Upgrade mentioned that "you may use a 92-93 S10 master cylinder for near OEM pedal travel and effort". I emailed to a person who is using the 92-93 S10 Pick-Up MC on his Fiero and confimed its feeling. After that I intalled the MC for '92 S10 Pick-Up on my Fiero. The feeding is very similar to the stock. The brake response became much much better than before.

2007/April - Tires

More than 4 years have passed since I got my current tires. I needed new one.
The variety of the 15"-60 tires seems to be decreased......I took the Bridgestone Playz this time.
I may need 17" rims if I keep my Fiero holding in the future.

2007/May - Alt.

Swapped my originally equipped 12SI alt for the CS130 105Amp.
To install the CS130 alt, wiring modification and socket change are requied but it was easy to modify.
I asked the VANTAGE to remove and reinstall the alt. The belt tentioner kit was insistalled at the same time. This kit is available from the person as known as Dodgerunner. The belt tentioner works great. It eliminated the adjustment for my serpentine belt.

2007/September - Dis.

My engine died when I shifted to D range
According to the posts on the PFF, this symptom could be a couse by the bad TCC Solenoid or Distributor.
I thought now I've got in a big trouble. TCC solenoid and 3rd gear pressure swich were "hard to find" parts for me since GM Parts Direct won't ship their parts outside USA.
After serching online shops, finally I could get the TCC solenoid, 3rd gear pressure switch and a remanufactured distributor.
I have replaced the ignition module on the rebuilt distributer with the ACDelco's new one. According to the posts on the PFF, ACDelco's module has high reliability for the heat load. I also have replaced the plug code with 8mm Taylor spark plug wire and the MSD distributor cap/rotor. The cause was the distrubutor. I assumed that the aged pick up coil was a culprit.

2007/November - Heater Core

The coolant dews are coming down slowly from the dashboard when I started the engine. The heatercore seems to be shot. According to the PFF threads, the manufacturere of the heatercosre needs to be selected.
I got an ACDelco's heatercore from RockAuto and replaced it.

2008/February - Rims

Purchased 17"rims from the Tire Rack. It is ASA AR1. Front 17x7 and Rear 17x8.
I put the Rodney's Fiero logo sticker on the center caps. This looks like the stock rims.
The preferable tires size for these rims could be front 215-45-17, rear 235-45-17.

2008/May - Coil Over

Replaced the front speakers with Pioneer TS-4103(4"x10"). The sound qualities has been much more improved!
I have swapped the rear suspension for the coil-over.
The built up of the coil-over was reffered to the instruction of the Fierohoho's threads at the PFF.
I used KYB GR-2 struts, Ibach 12" springs (its spreng rate is 250lb) and 7" AFCO aluminum sleeves.
The pic
shows the delivered parts.

2008/September - Fuel Pressure Reg.

Replaced the fuel pressure regulator.
I was using AutoXray EZ-Scan5000 to conduct on my engine conditon before. When I read the sreads as to ALDL I wanted to read the data in real time. I bought a sirial cable from the ALDL.COM.

2008/Novenber - CD Radio
Swapped the stock cassette radio for the CD radio.
When I started the CD radio hunting, first I got into touch with the Replacement Radios if they can ship the CD radio to Japan but their answer was that they won't ship outside USA.
Next what I did was eBay "surf".
I found a nice looking CD radio for the 98 Grand Prix
I readily confirmed if they can ship it to Japan. Their answer was "no problem".
In addtion to the CD radio, I've got the 12to21 pin wiring harness and antena adapter from other online shops so as to fit my system.
The sound became much better than the cassette radio system. I thought the amplifier is evolutionally advanced.